GB Consultancy is set up to supply Engineering, Procurement and Construction related consultancy services to all major sectors of heavy industry.

Located in Padua, Italy we have established and constantly maintained a strong and technically superior network of inspectors, expeditors and technicians capable of managing our client’s requirements efficiently and effectively to achieve project mandates.

Operating as client’s “eyes” and “ears” we work to reduce a multitude of potential risks faced by clients, such as non-conformity to contractual requirements, on-site production variations, revised specifications, sub-standard quality and materials, delays in manufacturing schedules and shipping.

From the inspection and expediting during the manufacture, assembly, testing, and delivery of material, equipment and components to conducting the inspection during the receipt, erection, installation, testing and commissioning on site, GB Consultancy has the experience and qualifications our clients are looking for.

“Our mission is to deliver to our clients a superior quality of consultancy service in a timely manner, in full conformity with the applicable standards and specifications and with the highest technical and professional integrity operating in full synergy with the components of the client’s project team.”

“Our objective is to become our client’s trusted project partner for the supply of consultancy services when and where they need them, and our core value is to maintain a long term relationship that is based on trust, performance and quality.”