GB Consultancy provides Vendor Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Second Party Inspection and Expediting on a wide range of materials, equipment, and components for major EPC players and projects within the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors.

We handle:

• Static Equipment: Pressure vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Reactors,      Air coolers, Stream Drums, Boilers

• Valves

• Skid

• Steel Structures

• Cranes

• Electric Motors

• Electrical Instrumentations and Equipment

• Rotating Equipment: Pumps, Compressors, Gearboxes

• Piping

• High and Low Voltage Cable

• Welding and Welder Qualification

• Large  machinery: Cranes, Belt Conveyor System, Ship Loaders, Stackers   and Reclaimer.


We carry out Pre-Contract Award Surveys, Supplier Evaluations, Quality Assurance, Audits and Vendor Surveillance. We have good knowledge of and relationship with the vast majority of Oil & Gas-related vendors enabling us to conduct pre-contract award surveys. This can be a very useful tool for clients who are considering placing orders with vendors they are unfamiliar with or those they may have reservations about. In addition, it may be beneficial, as part of a “lessons learnt” exercise, to receive a full assessment of a manufacturer, once a problematic order has been completed. Supplier Evaluation will include though, not be limited to, details of the vendor’s Quality System, Traceability, Capacity, Current Workload, Equipment & Machinery, Manpower, Affiliations, History/Client base, Number of Personnel and their qualifications.


We can provide inspection services from a single order to multiple orders for an entire project. The scope or level of inspection is determined by the client’s requirements which are normally controlled by a Quality Plan. This scope can range from final inspection to an intensive inspection regime starting from the pre-production meeting, through identification and inspection of all raw materials, inspections at all prescribed hold-point stages, witnessing Non-destructive and Destructive tests, welding and welder qualification, verification of all documentation and certificates and a final release inspection.


Today, expediting is an integral part of the procurement process and should be incorporated into the project planning at the onset to ensure timely delivery. Depending on client requirements, expediting services may apply at different stages of a project such as design, fabrication and assembly, rectification work, material deficit, failure on test or inspection, shipment and packing, and submission of documentation. We help our clients gain regular, accurate project status information on engineering, material delivery, production, inspection, testing, packing and shipping, assisting them make informed decisions and assure quality with constant project monitoring. We ensure your project adheres to schedule and can be completed on time. With numerous suppliers involved in your supply chain, keeping your projects on schedule is a challenge. Delayed delivery of materials, products or equipment prevents your project from being completed on time and on budget. Our expediting services keep your project firmly on schedule by ensuring that your suppliers deliver.

Our experienced professionals offer you the experience, expertise, knowledge and diplomacy necessary to ensure that your project remains on schedule. We obtain and reaffirm delivery promises from your suppliers. Plus, we fully investigate all aspects of their scheduling to ensure they meet their contractual obligations and deliver on time. We keep you up-to-date with your project with periodic status reports tailored to meet your specific needs, identify areas that may cause potential delays.

If delays do occur, we implement quick counter measures to help you avoid further postponement, ensure that materials and equipment are delivered on time and fulfil contractual delivery terms.

Our expediting services include:

• Coordination of expediting with all suppliers

• Monitoring the dispatch of material

• Expediting visits

• Field and desk expediting

• Recommendations for necessary measures

• Reporting

• Situation assessment for your overall project


We offer you a detailed inspection service prior to shipment in the country of exportation. This helps you to assure the quality, quantity, marking, packing and loading of your shipments, be certain that your goods are handled safely and correctly, ensure that your goods arrive at their place of destination in compliance with technical specifications, quality standards and contractual agreements.

Our pre-shipment inspection services include:

• Dimensional inspection

• Documentation review

• Packing and marking checks

• Visual inspection

• Witness tests

• Witness sample measurements in factory

• Verifying the number of packing cases and marking against contractual       specifications

• Checking for appropriate handling during loading

• Checking the stowing, fastening and wedging on the means of transport.


We also offer  :

• Supplier qualification and Auditing

• Quality Management

• Quality and Product certification consulting

• Survey

• Laboratory Testing and NDT consulting

• Pressure Vessel Engineering

• PED certification consulting

• TPED certification consulting

• Welding and welders’ certification consulting